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Mike’s Notes – Video Blog – Answering email about getting amp sounds while recording.

Hey Guys,

I’ve been getting some email asking questions about different things I do/use when performing and recording. One particular reoccuring question has been about what kind of advice I would give about dialing in an amp to get great tone.

Well, it just so happens that my good friends at Orange Amplification had lent me an OR15 head for some recording I was working on while finishing up the Agent Cooper album. It’s an amazing amp! And also a very straight-forward single channel, no B.S. EL84 tube monster weighing in at a mighty 15 watts. Which makes it perfect for recording with and demonstrating how I like to work with gain structure to acheive different tones.

This video is the result. The amp was recorded into a Pro Tools session through a Glenwood 2×12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30’s and no effects or EQ added in post. Bone dry. So you get exactly the sound I’m hearing in my studio (depending on what you are lstening to the video on, of course!)

Keep sending in your e-mails and I look forward to answering more of them in another video blog.

And check out Orange’s amazing line of amplifiers here:

Email Mike your questions at:


(Spoiler Alert: you may hear an excerpt of new Agent Cooper music as well as something that might be on my next solo album. Both coming soon!)

Blogging More & The Curious Connection Between “Knuffle Bunny” & “Wormwood”

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to better about blogging and thought y’all would enjoy this!

Here’s the setup:
For those who don’t know, I used to play for the band Fozzy. On their 2010 album “Chasing The Grail” I produced and co-wrote the song “Wormwood” with Chris Jericho. It’s about the Book of Revelations. Pretty dark subject matter! Chris wrote this long epic lyric about it and I went into a fever-dream to create the music for it. It’s like 14 minutes of progressive-hard rock-symphonic-metal-audio theater…

Anyway, it’s a bunch of stuff and it’s pretty heavy and dark in a lot of places. You should give it a listen before you read the next bit from my friend:

A friend of mine I grew up with sent me this email today and it’s too good not to share:

Hope you are doing well. I have to share this story with you; I think you will find it funny. My family is vacationing on the Cape this week (Brewster, MA) which we do most every summer. The Cape Rep Theatre does an outdoor children’s musical every summer, and we normally take the kids. This year’s production is “Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical.” If you know the Knuffle bunny the story I am telling is funnier, if not just imagine a cute story about putting a cute stuffed bunny in the washing machine. On the drive there my son says how they are going to make Knuffle Bunny into an hour long show. My wife tells him that it is a musical and the songs will make it longer. My son who is 7 years old pauses and thinks. Then says that is a lot of music, do you think they are going to sing Wormwood? You know that song is like 14 minutes. I laughed at the thought of trying to work Wormwood into Knuffle Bunny . . .

Chris and I may have to re-examine this song and it’s full potential at some point! lol
Needless to say, this totally made my day! Kids are awesome!


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